Welcome to Pelican Resources

We build award winning, high performance websites.

The Problem

The majority of business websites lack a focused, conversion driven narrative.

A business website needs do two things well; to instill confidence and most importantly convert people from visitors to customers.

How We Come In.

Initial contact

We work closely to understand your business needs, opportunity for online capitalization and based on the current resources, we work out an execution strategy.

Jump start

Once we’ve layed down the roadmap, work begins on the website development. Based on the sites’ objective, every line and design has a specific purpose.

Make it amazing

With our amazing support the site will be constantly updated to latest tech, split tested and optimized to ensure that website visitors are engaged and returning.

Our Philosophy

Every interaction matters.

In a digital age where businesses are fighting for customer attention, how can we build a brand that stands out of the noise and leaves a lasting impact?

Responsive Design

Mobile is often the first contact point, we make it count.

Fast Page Loading

Nobody likes to wait, especially Google Search’s Algorithm.

Search Engine Optimized

So your brands’ voice gets the audience it deserves.


Designed For Humans

When it comes to design, no AI can beat the human touch.

A/B Testing

AKA split testing, we aim for the best converting figures, always.

Conversion Driven

You can’t score if you don’t aim, we make sure it’s the right one.

What Makes Us So Awesome (If We Don’t Say So Ourselves)

Your Win, Is Our Win.

Whether it’s dominating your industry key search term or building a great site for your store, our bottomline has always been to empower our clients businesses to scale higher. Here’s our key principles:

Dream Bigger

With a well executed digital front, bottomlines increase in multitudes, our aim is to get you there.

Move Faster

As Sam Altman once said; Move fast. Speed is one of your main advantage over large competitors.

Always Be Learning

Build – Measure – Learn. It’s a key philosophy in startup land, we’re constantly learning what works to make it better.

No Client Is Too Small

Dreams start with the first baby step, no client should ever be underestimated.

Our Work

Speaks for itself.

Winning awards is fun, but getting there takes a lot of hard work and commitment to our craft. Here’s a short clip from one of our wins at the Malaysia Website Awards Ceremony.

Web Design Projects

Website Awards


Trusted by the best.

“Working with Pelican Resources has been great, it’s opened up the door for us to work with clients”

Khairul Azim

CEO of K&A Creatives

“Super efficient, reliable and always on time in terms of deliverables. Also very easy to work with.”

Redza Shahid

Co-Founder of Grub Cycle

Let’s Get To Work.